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New Menu Links and More!

As we move into 2019 our site has been updated!

Changes include:

  • Updating our name: CHATTANOOGA PIPES AND DRUMS!
  • Updating the Menu Links:
    – Added “FACEBOOK” which links to our FB Home page
    – Added “FACEBOOK EVENTS” which links to our FB Events
    – Changed “CALENDAR” to “HISTORICAL CALENDAR” to link
    our website’s historical documents.

Please take this opportunity to look around, find us on Facebook, and join us in becoming one of our Great Highland Bagpipers or Highland Scottish Drummers!

To 2019 and Beyond!

2018 found the Chattanooga Pipe Band back in the competition circle at Grade 5! 

We received many great welcoming comments after our absence. Thank you to all! And, we weren’t without success.

We tied for 6th in the overall standings having competed at four venues!

Loch Norman – 4th
Smoky Mountain – 2nd
Stone Mountain – 2nd
Charleston – 1st


2019 plans include:

  1. ShamRock City (MAR 9, 10, 16, 17)
  2. Loch Norman (APR 12,13,14)
  3. UTC Commencements (May 3,4)
  4. Smoky Mountain Highland Games (MAY 18, 19)
  5. Greenville (MAY 24,25,26)
  6. Middle TN – Solo Competitions(SEP 2019 – Unconfirmed)
  7. Stone Mountain Highland Games (OCT 18,19,20)
  8. Charleston Highland Games (NOV 2019 – Unconfirmed)

So, here’s to 2019 and seeing you at the games!


CHATT is back.

We are now a Grade 5 competition band and are getting ready for the Loch Norman Games.

With many new students in piping and drumming the future is much brighter.

Shamrock City 2018 was a blast with the full band back.

For the most up-to-date status, check out our FaceBook page!

Thank you to all who have supported us and help keep us ALIVE!


The Chattanooga Pipes and Drums (CP&D) had risen to the Grade III ranks only to have a year in which significant numbers of members moved and others had family and job commitments which needed top priority.  Such events are not new to pipe bands and many bands have succumbed to far less.


  • still very much alive as a registered non-competing band with the EUSPBA!
  • looking forward to rebuilding!
  • pursuing excellence in piping and drumming!
  • actively recruiting students and members who desire to learn piping and drumming!
  • performing locally for events such as UTC Commencement ceremonies!
  • meeting at Northside Presbyterian Church (and we very much appreciate the church’s support!)
  • looking forward to meeting all who would come!
  • thankful for the support of the EUSPA Southern Branch and the encouragement of our fellow bands in the region!

Grade III for 2015

City of Chattanooga Pipe Band has been upgraded to Grade III for the 2015 competition season! This is a direct result of winning every competition in 2014 and being awarded four “Above Grade Level” remarks.

We are excited about this opportunity to compete at the next level and look forward to continuing our bond with our Grade IV friends and building new friendly and collaborative friendships at the Grade III ranks.

The band is currently seeking interested pipers, snare drummers, tenor drummers and bass drummers who thrive on challenging themselves with a focus on musical excellence. Interested musicians of all abilities can contact PM Tom Arnold at