The Chattanooga Pipes and Drums (CP&D) had risen to the Grade III ranks only to have a year in which significant numbers of members moved and others had family and job commitments which needed top priority.  Such events are not new to pipe bands and many bands have succumbed to far less.


  • still very much alive as a registered non-competing band with the EUSPBA!
  • looking forward to rebuilding!
  • pursuing excellence in piping and drumming!
  • actively recruiting students and members who desire to learn piping and drumming!
  • performing locally for events such as UTC Commencement ceremonies!
  • meeting at Northside Presbyterian Church (and we very much appreciate the church’s support!)
  • looking forward to meeting all who would come!
  • thankful for the support of the EUSPA Southern Branch and the encouragement of our fellow bands in the region!